Since odors transmit immediately to the emotional center of the brain, they have the power to elicit a more true, more sensational recollection of an event than a photograph or video. We already capture and curate smells on a casual level;  for example, we might save a shirt that smells like grandpa. Or take secret whiffs of a deodorant that reminds us of a trip to France.

Imagine a future where we do this habitually, on a formal level.

The Olerium is a device that assigns an odor to a specific experience. It’s a small magnet that is pre-coated with a user-selected, microencapsulated odor.  You bring this unique odor with you, and it is applied to this experience, creating a relationship. You are NOT capturing smells as you go. You are mapping an odor to an experience. The Olerium odors are then curated, as you would a photo album, creating a personal museum of odors that can bring back an emotional memory in an instant.

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