Three Lunches

The viewer is invited to eat a snack while surrounded by the three projections showing video clips of bodies- from thin to obese- eating lunch at the same table at which the viewer is sitting.

The intention is for the viewer to experience his/her unique physical and emotional response to watching these bodies eating. The viewer is allowed to stare, objectifying the bodies while sharing the same space as them. Misperception, prejudice, repulsion, and acceptance are all possible responses. Feelings of guilt, obscenity, fragility, contamination and transference are also elicited.

Two months of design studies in the realm of obesity revealed to me that an intervention targeting the general population, rather than the obese population, was a powerful avenue for changing the fat perception and engendering change.

Three backlit projections on 52″ square screens. Three individuals, 30 minutes of footage each, spliced into three films, 20 minutes length each.

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